We operate state-of-the-art experimental equipment with focus on materials synthesis, solid state spectroscopy, and mechanical and optical characterization. The following instruments are available at the chair (set-up within the last 2-3 years):

Optical Spectroscopy
  • two Raman spectrometers, including polarization set-up, temperature control, low-frequency filters, scanning stages, diamond anvil cell, five laser lines from Vis to NIR (Renishaw)
  • IR spectrometer (Perkin Elmer)
  • high-resolution dynamic fluorescence spectrometer, including Vis, red and NIR – PMT detector channels, static Xe, flash, ns laser and diode excitation (several lines from UV to NIR), TCSPC (~ 90 ps resolution), integration sphere, cryostat and further accessories (Horiba Jobin-Yvon)
  • high-resolution UV/Vis/NIR transmission & reflection spectroscopy (Agilent, including UMA and integration sphere)
  • spectroscopic scanning stage for large-area, spatially resolved UV/Vis/NIR optical spectroscopy (custom)


Other Spectrometers (ex-thermal)
  • dissipative quartz crystal microbalance with various reaction cells for mechanical spectroscopy (qSense)
  • dielectric/impedance spectrometer RT to 400°C
Optical Microscopy
  • wide-field confocal microscopy (Zeiss)
  • polarization microscopy (Zeiss)
  • fluorescence microscopy (Olympus)
  • IR microscopy (Perkin Elmer)
  • Raman microscopy (Renishaw)
  • Stress-field analysis (Isis)
  • digital microscope, various objectives with optical zoom to 5000x
  • laser scanning microscope, including various in situ cells and spectroscopic analysis (Zeiss)
Thermal Analysis
  • differential scanning calorimetry & accurate absolute heat capacity analysis on glasses (Netzsch)
  • simultaneous thermal analysis (DTA/TGA) and coupled mass spectrometer for determination of volatiles (Netzsch)
  • dynamic thermo-mechanical analysis (Netzsch)
  • laser flash apparatus for thermal conductivity and simultaneous Cp up to 1500 °C
Mechanical Analysis
  • nano-indentation platform, including CMS and lateral force units, high-load module, for determining hardness, Young’s modulus, local deformation behavior, lateral abrasion and scratch resistance (Agilent)
  • two tabletop universal testing machines for tensile and compressive testing, including set-up for single-fiber tensile and loop-testing, stress-strain curves (Zwick)
  • micro-bending module (Kammrath & Weiss)
  • ultrasonic echography for determining Poisson ratio and elastic moduli (Karl Deutsch)
  • optical strain analyzer (Ilis) and polarization microscopes (see above)
  • surface stress analyzer for DOL and compressive stress determination
  • microindenter (Struers)


General Testing
  • pycnometer and Archimedes balance for volume/density determination (Micromeritics)
  • Abbe refractometer for refractive index determination (custom)
  • Christiansen-Shelyubski set-up for refractive index determination and analysis of optical homogeneity (custom)
  • X-ray diffractometer (Rigaku)
  • climate testing (Vötsch)
  • façade testing stage for up to 1300 mm x 1000 mm window frames (custom)
  • two solar/illumination simulators (FutureLED)
  • multi-purpose XRD with HT cells, fast 3D detector, GIXRD etc.
  • multi-purpose PVD coater (Leica)

  • scanning electron microscope, including EDX, WDX detectors (Jeol)

Computational tools
  • modelling and simulation platform (Comsol)
  • 3D visualization laboratory (custom)
  • graphics/FEM work station
Materials Synthesis
  • glass melting laboratory (various)
  • reactive-atmosphere furnace (hydrogen, ammonia, Carbolite)
  • furnaces for sintering, tempering, reacting etc. ( up to 1700 °C, various)
  • sol-gel synthesis
  • wet-chemical coating facilities (spin~, dip~, spray~, various)
  • sweet-water microalgae reactors (custom)
  • planetary ball mills
  • autoclave for materials synthesis in supercritical water (500bar/400°C)
  • laboratory spray dryer
  • autoclave reactors (various sizes, up to 500 bar / 400 °C)
3D-Printing / Additive Manufacture
  • two-photon lithographic system (Nanoscribe)
  • multicomponent stereolithographic printer for ceramic components (Lithoz Cerafab)
  • DLP printers for plastic components