W. H. Zachariasen Award: L. Wondraczek,  award presented at the 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramics and Glass Technology, Waikoloa, USA (2017).

R. E. Taylor Best Poster Award: F. Drünert, D. Möncke, M. Blanz, L. Wondraczek: What causes the colour in Cu-red opaque artifacts? 41st International Symposium on Archaeometry, Kalamata, Greece (2016)

Best Poster Award (3rd): R. Limbach, A. Winterstein-Beckmann, J. Dellith, L. Wondraczek: Plastizität, Rissbildung und Defektresistenz von Alkali-Borosilicatgläsern. 90. Glastechnische Tagung, Goslar, Germany (2016)

Best Poster Award (3rd): F. Drünert, D. Möncke, E. Palamara, O. Mecking, D. Palles, E. Kamitsos, L. Wondraczek, N. Zacharias, Antimonates as colorants and opacifiers in mosaic tesserae, glasses and glazes from antiquity to Modernity. 1st Joint Meeting of DGG-ACerS GOMD, Aachen (2014)

Best Poster Award (1st): F. Drünert, M. Kaparou, E. Palamara, D. Palles D. Möncke, E. I. Kamitsos, N. Zacharias, Laborversuche zur Bildung von Borosilikatschichten auf Kalk-Natron-Silikatgläsern. Jahrestagung Archäometrie und Denkmalpflege, Weimar (2013)

Woldemar A. Weyl International Glass Science Award, L. Wondraczek, award presented at the International Congress on Glass, Prague (2013).

Vittorio Gottardi Memorial Prize, L. Wondraczek, award presented at the International Congress on Glass, Prague (2013).

CRC-Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad, G. Gao, TM/RE-doped glasses and glass ceramics (2012)

CRC-Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad, N. Da, pressure-assisted infiltration of microcapillaries with low-melting glasses (2012)

Best Poster Award (2nd): S. Reibstein, J. Herbst, L. Wondraczek: Formation of metallic nanoparticles in ionic sulfophosphate glasses. European Congress on Glass & 86. Glastechnische Tagung, Maastricht (2012)

CRC-fellowship (12 months): W. Zhang, to conduct research on glasses for solar spectral conversion (Chinese Research Council, 2011)

Max Planck Ph.D fellowship: A. Winterstein, to conduct research on magneto-optical glasses in a cooperation of Wondraczek’s group and Philip Russell at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, MPL (2011 – onwards)

Oldfield-Award (2nd): A. Winterstein: Development of Optically Active Germanate Glasses for Photonic Crystal Fibres. M.Sc.-Thesis supervised by L. Wondraczek & H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Award presented at SGT Annual Meeting, Oxford, UK (2011).

Oldfield-Award (joint 1st): V. Bürger: Effect of residual stresses on bioactive glass bioreactivity. M.Sc.-Thesis supervised by A. R. Boccaccini & L. Wondraczek, Award presented at SGT Annual Meeting, Oxford, UK (2011).

DAAD Travel Grant: S. Reibstein, D. De Ligny, S. Krolikowski, S. Sirotkin, J.-P. Simon, H. Behrens, B. Champagnon, L. Wondraczek: Heterogeneity and structural relaxation of compressed borate-silicate glasses. Travel Grant to Attend the 7th International Conference on Borate Glasses, Crystals, and Melts, Halifax, Canada (2011).

Best Poster Award (2nd): K.H. Nielsen, N. Da, S. Reibstein, S. Krolikowski, D. de Ligny, B. Champagnon, S. Sirotkin, J.-P. Simon, O. Grassme, G. Peters, L. Wondraczek: Struktur-Eigenschaftsbeziehungen in ionischen Sulfophosphatgläsern. 85. Glastechnische Tagung, Saarbrücken (2011).

Professor Position: Dr. Y. Gueguen, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France (2011).

AFPG9 Travel Award: S. Krolikowski, S. Reibstein, K. Nielsen, L. Wondraczek: Viscosity-temperature-pressure dependence in low-melting glasses. Travel Award to Attend the 9th Conference on Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glasses, presented at the conference, Cairns, Austalia (2011).

STIBET-fellowship (6 months): N. Da (DAAD, 2011)

Best Poster Award: N. Da, M. A. Schmidt, N. Granzow, P. St. J. Russell, L. Wondraczek: Soft oxide and non-oxide glass-filled capillary waveguides and photonic crystal fibers. 17th International Symposium on Non-Oxide and Novel Optical Glasses (ISNOG), Ningbo, China (2010).

Professor Position: Dr. M. Peng, South China Univeristy of Technology, Guanzhou, China (2010).

Best Poster Award (3rd): N. Da, M. Schmidt, N. Granzow, P. St. J. Russell, L. Wondraczek: Tellurite and Chalcogenide-Filled Microcapillaries and Photonic Crystal Fibers. European Congress on Glass & 84. Glastechnische Tagung, Magdeburg (2010).

Best Poster Award (2nd): M. Peng, E. Haussmann, L. Wondraczek: Lumineszenzeigenschaften von Bi2+-dotierten Erdalkaliborophosphaten (83. Glastechnische Tagung, Amberg (2009).