Our research activities span the broader field of non-crystalline materials and cover a wide range of applications. We conduct primarily experimental work, often supported by computational simulation to explore the physical origin of structure-property relations in glasses and related materials. Our focus is on inorganic materials, mostly oxides but frequently also on non-oxides and metallic systems.

The group’s philosophy is to cross the lines between materials synthesis and chemistry, physical characterization and property design, and application in demonstrators. On these three areas, we are presently putting emphasis on gas- and liquid-phase deposition of non-crystalline solids, optical and mechanical performance (including, e.g., damage resistance and damage infliction, optical activity, and topo-chemical materials design), and optical fiber, functional substrates and smart windows.

We are about 30 scientists on Ph.D and postdoctoral levels, representing around ten nationalities from all over the world.