During a Young Researcher Symposium held on June 16-17 2015 at the University of Jena, scientists who have been successful in the first two rounds of the SPP 1594 starting ramp program presented and discussed results and ideas of their projects towards the next generation of mechanically performant glasses. A relaxed schedule was offered to allow for detailed interaction related to experimental and scientific issues, as well as for the exchange of experiences between the early stage researchers (PhD students and young postdocs). Jointly agreed by all, it was a great opportunity to share research results and ideas, and to establish strong connections across the traditional borders between the metallic and inorganic oxide glass communities.

Three supplementary talks were given by Gregory Tricot (Lille University, France): “Application of 1D/2D NMR for the characterisation of oxide glasses”, Peter Sundberg (Glafo, Sweden): “The influence of surface composition and plasma treatment on adhesion”, and Harald Mutschke (API, FSU Jena): “Optical investigation of solar dust”.

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