Solar energy harvesting is often limited by the spectral sensitivity of the employed energy conversion system. In many applications, large parts of the solar spectrum do either not contribute to the harvesting scheme, or the full energetic potential of each photon cannot be put to use in the generation of electrical or chemical energy. Extrinsic sensitization through photoluminescent spectral conversion has been proposed as a route to at least partially overcome this problem. In a recent feature article which has been chosen for the cover page of Advanced Science, we discuss our related work in the emerging context of photochemical energy harvesting and storage through natural or artificial photosynthesis.

Reference: L. Wondraczek, E. Tyystjärvi, J. Méndez-Ramos, F. A. Müller, Q. Zhang: Shifting the Sun: Solar spectral conversion and extrinsic sensitization in natural and artificial photosynthesis. Adv. Sci. 2, art. no. 1500218 (2015).

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