Best Poster Award: A. Reupert, J. Schröder,  M. Heck, S. Nolte, L. Wondraczek: Side-Emitting Fibers: A Flexible Solution for Light Delivery in Turbid Media. 25th International Congress on Glass, Boston, MA, USA (2019).

Best Poster Award (2nd): R. Sayzew, R. Limbach, L. Wondraczek: Nanoindentation studies on curved glass fiber surfaces using different tip shapes. 93rd Annual Meeting of the German Society of Glass Technology & USTV Joint Meeting, Nuremberg, Germany (2019)

W. H. Zachariasen Award: L. Wondraczek,  award presented at the 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramics and Glass Technology, Waikoloa, USA (2017).

R. E. Taylor Best Poster Award: F. Drünert, D. Möncke, M. Blanz, L. Wondraczek: What causes the colour in Cu-red opaque artifacts? 41st International Symposium on Archaeometry, Kalamata, Greece (2016)

Best Poster Award (3rd): R. Limbach, A. Winterstein-Beckmann, J. Dellith, L. Wondraczek: Plastizität, Rissbildung und Defektresistenz von Alkali-Borosilicatgläsern. 90. Glastechnische Tagung, Goslar, Germany (2016)

Best Poster Award (3rd): F. Drünert, D. Möncke, E. Palamara, O. Mecking, D. Palles, E. Kamitsos, L. Wondraczek, N. Zacharias, Antimonates as colorants and opacifiers in mosaic tesserae, glasses and glazes from antiquity to Modernity. 1st Joint Meeting of DGG-ACerS GOMD, Aachen (2014)

Best Poster Award (1st): F. Drünert, M. Kaparou, E. Palamara, D. Palles D. Möncke, E. I. Kamitsos, N. Zacharias, Laborversuche zur Bildung von Borosilikatschichten auf Kalk-Natron-Silikatgläsern. Jahrestagung Archäometrie und Denkmalpflege, Weimar (2013)

Woldemar A. Weyl International Glass Science Award: L. Wondraczek, award presented at the International Congress on Glass, Prague (2013).

Vittorio Gottardi Memorial Prize: L. Wondraczek, award presented at the International Congress on Glass, Prague (2013).

CRC-Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad: G. Gao, TM/RE-doped glasses and glass ceramics (2012)

CRC-Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad: N. Da, pressure-assisted infiltration of microcapillaries with low-melting glasses (2012)

Best Poster Award (2nd): S. Reibstein, J. Herbst, L. Wondraczek: Formation of metallic nanoparticles in ionic sulfophosphate glasses. European Congress on Glass & 86. Glastechnische Tagung, Maastricht (2012)

CRC-fellowship (12 months): W. Zhang, to conduct research on glasses for solar spectral conversion (Chinese Research Council, 2011)

Max Planck Ph.D fellowship: A. Winterstein, to conduct research on magneto-optical glasses in a cooperation of Wondraczek’s group and Philip Russell at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, MPL (2011 – onwards)

Oldfield-Award (2nd): A. Winterstein: Development of Optically Active Germanate Glasses for Photonic Crystal Fibres. M.Sc.-Thesis supervised by L. Wondraczek & H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Award presented at SGT Annual Meeting, Oxford, UK (2011).

Oldfield-Award (joint 1st): V. Bürger: Effect of residual stresses on bioactive glass bioreactivity. M.Sc.-Thesis supervised by A. R. Boccaccini & L. Wondraczek, Award presented at SGT Annual Meeting, Oxford, UK (2011).

DAAD Travel Grant: S. Reibstein, D. De Ligny, S. Krolikowski, S. Sirotkin, J.-P. Simon, H. Behrens, B. Champagnon, L. Wondraczek: Heterogeneity and structural relaxation of compressed borate-silicate glasses. Travel Grant to Attend the 7th International Conference on Borate Glasses, Crystals, and Melts, Halifax, Canada (2011).

Best Poster Award (2nd): K.H. Nielsen, N. Da, S. Reibstein, S. Krolikowski, D. de Ligny, B. Champagnon, S. Sirotkin, J.-P. Simon, O. Grassme, G. Peters, L. Wondraczek: Struktur-Eigenschaftsbeziehungen in ionischen Sulfophosphatgläsern. 85. Glastechnische Tagung, Saarbrücken (2011).

Professor Position: Dr. Y. Gueguen, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France (2011).

AFPG9 Travel Award: S. Krolikowski, S. Reibstein, K. Nielsen, L. Wondraczek: Viscosity-temperature-pressure dependence in low-melting glasses. Travel Award to Attend the 9th Conference on Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glasses, presented at the conference, Cairns, Austalia (2011).

STIBET-fellowship: (6 months): N. Da (DAAD, 2011)

Best Poster Award: N. Da, M. A. Schmidt, N. Granzow, P. St. J. Russell, L. Wondraczek: Soft oxide and non-oxide glass-filled capillary waveguides and photonic crystal fibers. 17th International Symposium on Non-Oxide and Novel Optical Glasses (ISNOG), Ningbo, China (2010).

Professor Position: Dr. M. Peng, South China Univeristy of Technology, Guanzhou, China (2010).

Best Poster Award (3rd): N. Da, M. Schmidt, N. Granzow, P. St. J. Russell, L. Wondraczek: Tellurite and Chalcogenide-Filled Microcapillaries and Photonic Crystal Fibers. European Congress on Glass & 84. Glastechnische Tagung, Magdeburg (2010).

Best Poster Award (2nd): M. Peng, E. Haussmann, L. Wondraczek: Lumineszenzeigenschaften von Bi2+-dotierten Erdalkaliborophosphaten (83. Glastechnische Tagung, Amberg (2009).