With about 30 scientists on Ph.D and postdoctoral levels, we are conducting a variety of projects which are publicly as well as privately funded, including collaborations with major specialty glass producers from Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our annual turnover in third-party funding is about 1.5 Mio. €. We are grateful to our main sponsors, the European Research Council, the European Commission through its Horizon 2020 Framework Program, the German Science Foundation, the Carl Zeiss Foundation and the German Ministry of Science and Education, for their continuous support.

2pp: Zweiphotonenpolymerisation für die Herstellung multiresponsiver Oberflächen
enjulii: Entropic rejuvenation of glass products by liquid-metal immersion
FunGlass: Centre of Functional and Surface-Functionalized Glasses
GlasDigital: Datengetriebener Workflow für die beschleunigte Entwicklung von Glas
HybridFiber: Localized in-line precipitation of metallic nanostructures in hybrid optical fiber
Intelligente Substrate: Schaltbare Grenzflächen auf Basis multiresponsiver Hybridmaterialien
Phosphate: Topo-chemical characterisation of dissolution processes of phosphate glasses
PowerSkin+: Highly advanced modular integration of insulation, energising and storage systems for non-residential buildings
UTOPES: Unifying Concepts in the Topological Design of Non-Crystalline Materials
SPP 2289: Hetero-contacts in functional oxide aggregates: Descriptors of heterogeneity, aggregate design and process simulation towards nanostructured optical precursor materials
SPP 2315: Accelerated discovery of artificial minerals from machine-supported slag admixture and liquid-state processing