“PowerSkin+: Highly advanced modular integration of insulation, energising and storage systems for non-residential buildings”

European Commission – Horizon 2020 Framework Program – Industrial Leadership

Grant No.: 869898

(for details, see https://www.powerskinplus.eu/) POWERSKIN+ will develop and scale-up eco-innovative, cost-effective and smart material solutions to renovate existing facade systems of both double skin and advanced integrated curtain walls. It will smart integrate unprecedented highly innovative insulations and renewable energy technologies, with breakthrough features based on nano-formulated VIP, PCM, flexible thin glass perovskite solar cells and multi-functional nano-enabled coatings. Comprehensive POWERSKIN+ portfolio comprising off-site prefabricated modular “ready-to-buy” and ‘easy-to-install’ glazing and opaque elements, sustainable eco-designed connecting framings and a dedicated large capacity electric building storage system will be processed up to the final commercializable end products.
Powerskin+ system will be validated in non-residential buildings in three different environmental, economic, logistic and social scenarios, namely Portugal, Slovenia and Czech Republic, with environmental sustainability and benefits proving through LCA and LCCA approaches. The market uptake of POWERSKIN+ will be facilitated by optimal compatibility without additional structural modification. It will benefit from: lightweight transparent (TM) and opaque modules (OM) (< 30 Kg/m2 and 5Kg/m2 respectively); improved insulation (TM GIU Ug-value 35% better than standard double glazing and OM VIP thermal resistance value 33% better than a 25mW/mK PIR); and on-site energy generation and storage elements (Perovskite-PV power conversion efficiency >12% and >8% for OM and TM respectively; 15% improvement in energy storage capacity), aiming to be recognized as an affordable high standard retrofit solution (installation cost and time reduce 50% and 74% respectively).

(text based on CORDIS – European Commission